Monday, July 6, 2015

God Will Save Us All

"I am not a strict constructionalist, believing that we seal our eternal progress by what we do here. It is my belief that God will save all of His children that he can: and while, if we live unrighteously here, we shall not go to the other side in the same status, so to speak, as those who lived righteously; nevertheless, the unrighteous will have their chance, and in the eons of the eternities that are to follow, they, too, may climb to the destinies to which they who are righteous and serve God, have climbed to those eternities that are to come.”

-J. Reuben Clark, Church News, 23 April 1960, p. 3


Anonymous said...

Paul, I love listening to your music and have been inspired by the beautiful hymns that I learned and sang as a child, implemented throughout your music. Thank you for your stand for Christ. Thankyou for encouraging and using the talents the Lord has given you to inspire others. You have so beautifully and faithfully written your music to speak volumes to all ages. I am a christian and have received Jesus Christ into my life at the age of 7 when I asked him to forgive me for the wrong that I have done and to save my soul, giving me a place in heaven for eternity. I am so thankful for his death on the cross and his resurrection, and his assurance of securing my place in eternity and all those who call upon him receiving him into their lives. Thank you for your commitment to inspiring others through beautiful music.

Free Bible said...

Jesus is about to come pick the saved one, I,m ready , are you?

jykkj said...

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